Analysis of MassIve Data STreams
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 619209


The AMIDST Project

The AMIDST consortium has developed a generic framework for analysis of extremely large volumes of streaming data. The framework is implemented in the open source AMIDST Toolbox. The AMIDST toolbox is available from GitHub.

The AMIDST framework can help to add, create and increase the value of existing and new data resources as well as providing a means for more timely and efficient decision making.

AMIDST is using two real-world use-cases to rigorously test  a set of tools, methods and algorithms to be developed as part of the project on extremely large and highly complex volumes of streaming data. Daimler, which is a partner in the project has provided data for one of the use-cases and will use the results of the project in their development of autonomous driving. The other use-case is provided by the partner BCC, a Spanish Bank, and they will use the developed methods for identifying and evaluating their clients on different parameters.

AMIDST targets three strategic EU areas: software development, the automotive industry and finance and the combination of academic and industry partners complements the project very well. The academic partners have the knowledge and research facilities to undertake the research and the industry partners has the competences and interest in utilising the results for commercial use. 

Latest news:

18 Oct. 2016  AMIDST Toolbox presentation
03 Oct. 2016  AMIDST presentation at a Cost Action event
30 Sept. 2016 AMIDST YouTube video
21 Sept. 2016 AMIDST at the PGM conference
13 Sept. 2016 Presentation at the ECAI conference

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AMIDST Toolbox

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