The objective of the AMIDST research project is to develop a toolbox providing a scalable framework that facilitates efficient analysis and prediction based on information captured in streaming data.

The project work involves developing and scaling up existing algorithms in order to make the AMIDST toolbox flexible and versatile enough as to cope with the needs and requirements of a wide variety of applications. The toolbox will be particularized to address three industrial use-cases. Each use-case solution will be used to rigorously test the framework on real and complex data.

Academic and industrial partners
With the objective of creating a strong positive synergy, AMIDST takes an integrated European approach and joins partners with high interests in probabilistic modeling methods as well as techniques and algorithms for analysis of extremely large data volumes.

The consortium has a strong and balanced combination of research and industrial partners.  The academic partners ensure a scientific approach to theoretical and methodological aspects of the project. The industrial partners illustrate the importance of the potential developments provided by AMIDST for the EU economy, as they represent four strategic EU areas: software development, automotive industry, energy, and finance. 

Commercial exploitation
The industrial and commercial involvement in AMIDST ensures a high degree of commercial exploitations of the solutions developed.  Each use-case represents one domain of commercial exploitation of effective solutions whereas the general framework will be applicable to a wide range of other domains.

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