AMIDST presentation at EUROSIM 2016
ANB - 19/08/16

Dr. Weidl will give at Keynote Speech in 2 parts; 1) Autonomous Driving and Levels of Automation and 2) Situation Awareness and Early Recognition of Traffic Maneuvers.

The first part will provide an overview on the topic and address a number of questions. The speech will include a number of videos illustrating the solution to maneuver recognition in real traffic.

The second part will try to outline; Why are situational awareness and early recognition of traffic maneuvers essential elements of modern driver assistance and of autonomous driving systems?
What type of modelling and implementation can meet all automotive requirements on early maneuver recognition, almost perfect accuracy and fast computation under severe memory restrictions, i.e., how to effectively resolve the deployment issues in a prototype car and ensure robust performance in real highway traffic? This will also be supported by videos.

To see more about this event and the keynote speech, please visit the congress website:

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