AMIDST - Maneuver recognition in highway traffic
DAI - 06/07/16

On April 6th and June 17th, 2016 several project members of Daimler AG and RTD Manager and Deputy Coordinator Anders L Madsen (HUGIN EXPERT A/S) took a Mercedes Benz experimental vehicle for a drive on German highways to evaluate developments made in the AMIDST project in real live traffic situations. ...

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New Research Assistant joins AMIDST
ANB - 30/05/16

By February 2016 our AMIDST project welcomed one more researcher, Rafael Cabanas has joined the project and will be working as a Research Assistant for Aalborg University. ...

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New release of the AMIDST Toolbox (2.0)
ANB - 25/01/16

A new release of the Amidst Toolbox (2.0), is available and the new feature is that it supports dynamic Bayesian networks. ...

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AMIDST presentation at SCAI’2015
ANB - 08/12/15

Our paper entitled “Dynamic Bayesian modeling for risk prediction in credit operations” has been presented ...

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AMIDST presentation at IDA’2015
ANB - 07/12/15

Our paper entitled “Modeling concept drift: A probabilistic graphical model based approach” has been presented. ...

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Annual Meeting 2015
ANB - 17/11/15

The AMIDST consortium meet for the 2015 Annual Meeting. The meeting was held at University of Almeria, Spain. ...

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Summer Presentations
ANB - 05/10/15

During the summer AMIDST has been very active in presenting our work at different conferences ...

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Paper accepted for IDA'2015
ANB - 01/09/15

Yet another AMIDST paper has been accepted for publication. ...

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1st Release of open source AMIDST Toolbox
alm - 30/06/15

The first release of the open source AMIDST toolbox is available from GitHub ...

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AMIDST interview on local TV channel
ANB - 29/06/15

On May 18, 2015 a AMIDST TV interview was broadcasted on the Spanish TV channel Indalo TV. ...

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