WP 1 - Requirement Analysis and Evaluation


  • Ensure that the project participants have a common understanding of the basic components of the AMIDST model class.
  • Establish the data characteristics of the use case providers.
  • Define the requirements of the use cases in relation to the AMIDST model class.
  • Specify formal test procedures for the use cases based on the data characteristics and the established requirements.


The work planned in this work package will be performed as an ongoing collaboration between the domain experts/data providers, data analysts, and computer scientists. This includes establishing a common frame of reference that will form the basis for the specification of the model and system requirements as well as the formal test procedures that will be used for evaluating the developed models. The general elicitation methodology will be documented in an initial version of the AMIDST handbook, and will be deployed in relation to each of the AMIDST use case providers.

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