WP 10 - Management



  • Overall project management and coordination and the management of the project’s external relations.
  • Knowledge created in the project is managed and disseminated in a coordinated and coherent manner.
  • Efficient management of time and resources at a consortium level, the use of appropriate facilities, partner attendance at meetings, general administrative duties and coordination of the work plan.
  • Overseeing of the preparation and implementation of the consortium agreement among the participants.
  • All milestones, reports and financial requirements are prepared in accordance with the contractual requirements.


This work package includes the formal responsibilities for the overall coordination, administration and organization of the project, i.a. annual progress reports to the EC, internal project progress reports, detailed assignment of roles, responsibilities and resources.

WP 10 also involves implementing  a clear reporting procedure, preparing a quality assurance plan to help ensure high quality of the work as well as high quality of financial reports and statements, periodic reports, deliverables.

The WP leader is also responsible for running the project website, www.amidst.eu. 

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