WP 6 - Solution for maneuver recognition in highway traffic



  • Analysis of streaming real traffic data for the automotive use-case
  • Focus on developing a suitable solution to the problem of maneuver recognition in highway traffic scenarios, based on the use of dynamic models and utilizing the results of  WP 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Develop a scalable solution according to the requirements of the target platform, which puts severe constraints on the time and space requirements
  • Testing and Evaluation with real traffic data concerning robustness and reactiveness under the specified constraints


This work package includes models and methodological developments, software implementations and performance improvements focused on fulfilling the  requirements.

The work in WP6 is, fundamentally motivated by the computational complexity of the analysis of data streams, needs to investigate:

• representation of the dynamics of the domain in the models
• discretization of variables, alternative modelling techniques and more efficient parameterization of the model, including automatic tuning/adaption
• optimization of model with respect to requirements on memory, inference and computational power

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