WP 9 - Dissemination and exploitation


  • Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge and results generated from AMIDST.
  • Dissemination activities support both the adoption of the AMIDST methodology and its supporting toolbox.
  • Activities are planned to support both internal and external dissemination of results. These activities include a project web-site, conference and journal publication as well as communication of advances to the society and technology transfer.
  • Development of an AMDIST handbook to provide documentation of the framework as well as report on best-practice, experience and recommendations for future use. 


The work performed in this WP will focus on dissemination and exploitation of results. Activities are planned for both internal and external dissemination of results. The activities are supported by a project web-site (www.amidst.eu) including a public and private part. Dissemination activities are planned to both support the adoption of the AMIDST methodology and its tool set.

In the case of industrial workshops as well as scientific conferences and online events, this work package will take into account the feedback provided by AMIDST adopters and disseminate this information internally.

Before the end of the project, an off-line demonstration of the case use-case will be developed. The possibility to organize a demonstration session on-site will be dependent on the feasibility and achieved performance of the developed prototype.

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